HEMC Broadband
is an Internet Service provider offering full Internet access to business and residential customers. These policies apply to all users of the computer systems operated by HEMC Broadband and to all networks operated by HEMC Broadband.

HEMC Broadband Internet Services are not responsible for the content of the data traveling over our network. HEMC Broadband Internet Services are not responsible for our customers' online actions. We as a company subscribe to the prevailing standards of decency and conduct of the community in which we are located. HEMC Broadband reserves the right to terminate subscription of any customer who uses our network in an improper manner.

All data transmissions via HEMC Broadband networks and files stored on HEMC Broadband computers are subject to inspection if a security breach is suspected. The HEMC Broadband administration will use their best judgment to preserve the privacy of information and will not divulge any information found during these inspections except to law enforcement officials and the parties directly involved in such a security incident.

A breach of security is an act that directly or indirectly threatens the integrity of the operating systems, the data contained on networked computers and to networks making up the Internet, as well as, violation of any United States, Georgia State or international laws. Such violations will be immediately reported to the proper authorities.

Compiling or copying programs from other systems for use on HEMC Broadband computer systems is expressly prohibited unless you receive prior authorization from HEMC Broadband. The intent of this policy is for the protection of the HEMC Broadband operating systems and must be strictly adhered to.

HEMC Broadband is neither responsible nor liable for material published on our servers. Personal and commercial web sites are the responsibility of the site contractors and managers.

The following types of content are unwelcome and if brought to our attention will be barred from utilizing our services: Nudity/Pornography, Software Piracy, Racism/Hatred Pages, Excessive Profanity, and Material that Exploits Children, Illegal Activities, Hacking, Promotion of Physical Harm or Signposts to another server with any of the above listed characteristics. HEMC Broadband is not responsible for any loss of information or files stored on our servers.

Copyright or Trademark Infringement
Customer will not use, nor allow others to use, the Service to send or receive any information which infringes upon the patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets or proprietary rights of any other person, entity or business organization. This includes, but is not limited to, digitization of music, movies, photographs or other copyrighted materials or software.

HEMC Broadband is registered under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA). Under the DMCA, copyright owners have the right to notify HEMC Broadband if they believe a HEMC Broadband customer has infringed the copyright owner’s work(s). If HEMC Broadband receives a notice from a copyright owner alleging a Customer has committed copyright infringement, HEMC Broadband will notify the Customer of the alleged infringement. If HEMC Broadband receives more than one notice alleging copyright infringement on the Customer’s part, Customer may be deemed a “repeat copyright infringer.” HEMC Broadband reserves the right to terminate the accounts and access to the Service of repeat copyright infringers.

Additional System Guidelines

The following are considered general use guidelines. HEMC Broadband expects that our users will adhere to generally acceptable Internet netiquette. Depending on the severity of the violation, actions will result in a warning, revocation of certain account privileges, or complete account purging.

Do not send abusive messages, hate-messages, or any other messages that can be construed as harassment. If someone requests that you stop sending them messages of any kind, any further messages to that individual or account will be construed as harassment.

Do not send chain letters or private messages to parties not intended by the original author.

Do not send messages to large numbers of recipients.

Do not use an excessively large signature. Large signatures waste valuable resources and network bandwidth. Do not forget large signatures on outgoing messages.

HEMC Broadband explicitly forbids the use of its Network for the impersonation or false representation of another person. HEMC Broadband reserves the right to terminate service to any person who violates this policy.

If HEMC Broadband Administration receives reports of violations of any of these policies or guidelines the Administration reserves the right to investigate the use of HEMC Broadband provided equipment and networks by the person or persons in question.

If you are subjected to harassment, please report it to the administration.

In General

Do not allow anyone else to use your account. You are responsible for your account's actions. You must remember that there are minors on the Internet so please consider your audience before sending messages or becoming involved in electronic conversation with other Internet users.

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ESPN3 is ESPN's multiscreen network, delivering live events to fans through a rich, interactive, experience. ESPN3 is currently available at no additional cost to customers via their high speed connection.

After much deliberation, the decision has been made to discontinue offering DSL service as of December 31, 2015. This was strictly a financial decision based on the continued rising costs associated with the service.

A notification letter and informational packet were sent to all HEMC Broadband subscribers on October 16. The packet contains information regarding other Internet Service Providers (ISP) options. HEMC customer service representatives are available Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., to assist subscribers with the transition to another provider.
“We apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause, but the DSL service was no longer financially viable,” explains Jonathan Cantrell, President/CEO of Habersham EMC. “HEMC personnel can assist subscribers in setting up an account with another provider, either through a three-way call or in our Clarkesville or Cleveland office. We can also help establish new email accounts, move emails and contacts.

If a subscriber decides that HEMC’s assistance with the transition to another provider is not needed, they should notify HEMC’s Member Services Department. Otherwise billing will continue through December 31. Customer service representatives can be reached at (706)754-2114, (706)865-4362 or (800)640-6812.

HEMC Broadband Management